Johan is the DJ his selection is Ozzy Osbourne:Bark at the Moon

Cold yet sunny. Today GilbertandGrape's first live interview takes place.

JOHAN IS A HERO, the first hero we have met on our drive way, he is a car enthusiast and so our roads crossed.

Last Thursday on our first live reportage GilbertandGrape were about to take the car for a drive but the ignition cascet needed total replacement. Gilbert is a good mechanic and Grape don’t know the first thing about cars but neither of us could do it. This Thursday is a cold yet sunny day and Johan shows up at our door cause he has heard rumours that GilbertandGrape have a Volvo Amazon in need of help. Johans car is back in sweden, he missses his car and has come to help out another.

Whilst fixing the ignition cascet Johan selects a song:ozzy ozbourne and bark at the moon. Gilbert finds it on an mp3 downlaod program and we listen to the song and watch a fake sunset together. Johan last listend to this song when 8 years old, its nostalgic for being rockn roll then and still being so now (Ozzy appears as a wear wolf at the cover.)

We had a long talk about fake and the real, jornalistic language and autheniticity.
here is two questions and two answers for the road:

How do you suppose writers write post war?

Post war? Reading Jack Kerouac on the road was a goodbye to authorities, preconceptions, writers wanted to liberate and highlight differences and what they though unjust, yeah they highlight binaries for people to judge and be opinionative themselves...writers provoke their readers to make up their own mind..to rebel
Writers in post war brake down existing systems by deconstructing the values of the past, use authorities as their parents as example brake it down and so create their own ideology. The language is brutal and honest.. Jack wrote the book in three weeks and it took 6-7 years before it was published it was new and raw, not tolerated. A time where working clothes becomes wearing clothes--- the difference tried eliminated.

Interview Conditions:
Location: Gilbert's drive way, Latitude:550 North, Body temperature 36.8 Weather:Cold yet sunny

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  • Mediactive Issue 3: MediaWar Anita Biressi and Heather Nunn (guest editors)