First stop in Melsbygda and two fields of Volvos.

The family Nossen choice of nostalgic songs:
Berit- On my word by Cliff Richard, press play

Monica - Jolene by Dolly Parton, press play

Arnar - On the road again, by Canned Heat, press play

Robert - could not meet us for an interview but gave us a suggestion for a ritual: Bake a cream cake for every even number of cars you see.
Think of a blue Volvo Amazon 67.

We talked about the family’s relation to Volvo Amazon, how it has become a centre, a link to romantic and funny stories; we talked about notions of belonging, about describing a sense of home from the centre of conjoint activity. The house the Nossen family is situated in an area everybody in the village calls ‘home’ even if they do not live there. We talk about the notions of belonging till the sun is about to set.

Quote on notions of belonging: ”Could it be that when geographical notions of home is exploded, we replace them with the notion of identity”

Link to quote


Link to cream cake



At 11:01 PM, Anonymous Gert-Jan Zeestraten said...

Hei there!

Just got into your site by accident... What accident...

I own a dark green Amazon '70. We live in and love Lofoten. At Laukvik, on the Atlantic coast. Borrow the Amazon for a trip around Lofoten next summer?

My wife is a painter, and I work at a project: a sound and picture show about a mining operation in 1905-10 in Laukvik that was a business disaster, a spennede røver historie!

May be this could be something to do some work on together... ?

Gert-Jan Zeestraten
tlf 91639778


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