Links to the Volvo Amazon club in Stavanger led us to Runar. His Nostalgic song is: On the road again by Willy Nelson, press play

Runar is the owner of a light green Volvo Amazon automatic 1966 model. The car has only had three owners and Runar has therefore been able to trace and get to know the history of his car. In the front mirror there is a tiny plastic rose. He informs us that its been there since the first owner of the car who placed it there, it has not been removed since. He likes its comment on time passing and several owners. “If I sell the car I would like the rose to follow and be passed on.”

Quote on response “Bhaktin describes utterance as primarily a form of response So just to speak is to him always an response, he is interested in special ramifications like the fact that we are already here as a response to something that happened already”

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