Next link led us to Ole Johnny and daughter Issabell
When we ask them for a nostalgic song they asked us to take a random pick from the radio. This is what we found when putting on the radio at sunset
You’ve got a friend by James Taylor. Press play

His Volvo Amazon is a 65 model. Ole is not after the perfect car he likes to experiment with coats that don’t belong to the original brand, in this way he offers a re-reading and rebelry against branding. He claims that when a car is too perfect it looses its value because you get afraid of using it, you can’t just throw something in the back without worry. We had a talk on values and authenticity.

Quote on authenticity and the theory death of the author: “the idea that texts have meaning and an independent existence outside that intended by the author, depending on the context and reader. According to this theory, any given text consists not of one authorial voice but of multiple genres, outside influences, subconscious drives, and pre-existing texts that constantly shape and inform all communication”

Link to quote


Link to Ole’s website


As one of the Gilberts has an interest in muscle cars Ole also emailed us some pictures

Muscle Cars


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